Product Introductions

Wall Stickers: Installation guide

If you've just bought a wall sticker, you may be wondering the best way to get it on your wall, so I have created this little guide to make installation as easy as possible.
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Wall Stickers: Information

This post covers an introduction to the Room to Wonder wall stickers. Whether you've just purchased one, or are trying to decide between a print and a sticker, this should cover all the information you need to know.
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Framing your Wall Art

This blog post covers what frames are best to display wall art purchased from my shop. 

Framing is always in my mind when I create a new illustration. I aim to create a very easy and economical framing experience for customers, as I know this is something that concerns people when purchasing art online. 

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Downloading and making the most of your digital products

If you've recently purchased a digital printable product from Room to Wonder, this guide will help you to make your digital download and printing experience easy.
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