Wall Stickers: Information

This post covers an introduction to the Room to Wonder wall stickers. Whether you've just purchased one, or are trying to decide between a print and a sticker, this should cover all the information you need to know.

The first thing I want to point out is that wall stickers are not considered a 'fine art print'. A fine art print is generally considered to be pigment-based ink printed onto museum-grade paper, such as the 100% cotton paper I use for my fine art prints (you can read more about that here). Fine art prints last a long time. If you look after them, they are fade resistant for between 60 to 100 years, and look highly detailed, with rich colours. They are often mistaken for original pieces of art.

The stickers I sell are printed onto an amazing material that is fabric-like. It is light and easy to stick to any surface (except for bare brick or stone). It can be easily taken off and re-applied though, and doesn't stick easily to itself, so it makes installation, removal and repositioning easy. The stickiness is gentle enough not to rip any paint off or leave any marks, but it stays up well. We've had wall stickers up for a few years now and they are still going strong.

moon phases educational chart

(image above is the fine art print, below is a detail of the wall sticker)

Moon phases educational wall sticker

The wall sticker fabric I use, when kept well, can last up to 10 years, which is a long time for a wall sticker, but far from 100 years!

Another thing to mention is that because the wall stickers are printed onto a fabric-based material, it has a lovely feel to it, but the ink does bleed a little bit. You don’t notice this when it is on the wall and you are viewing from a small distance, but up close, it is not incredibly crisp like a fine art print. (below is a close up image of the level of detail on the wall sticker.)

Alphabet Wall sticker

Obviously, no frame is needed at all to display the wall stickers, which is a huge plus. Especially for renters, this also means no holes in the wall. This also affects the cost, as no extra frame needs to be purchased. Because of the lack of a frame, sizes can be a bit more flexible too, which is why it works for longer charts like the Solar System and alphabet runner.

If you have anything you’re still curious about or need more information on, get in touch! I’m happy to add more to this, or answer questions via email.

Rebecca Holland
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