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Educational illustrations for the curious...
posters and resources that connect children with their world.
World Map for Kids - illustrated educational, Oceanic World Map - Pacific Centred, high in detail.
Native Bees of Australia poster - educational bee poster / entomology poster
Layers of the Earth and its atmosphere - Education illustration for children
Educational Poster - Ocean Zones and the ocean creatures that live there

Educational illustrations for the curious...

Room to Wonder aims to create illustrations and products that spark curiosity, wonder and empathy in children. With posters, journals and flashcards, there is something for all levels of interest and learning. 
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Moon Phase Printable Flashcards and Learning Activity Pack - Southern Hemisphere Edition
Printable Weather Flashcards, daily ritual cards
2020 Lunar calendar - Southern & Northern Hemisphere
World Map for Kids - Digital Download Copy - illustrated educational, Oceanic World Map - Pacific Centred, high in detail.

10 bush walking activities for children

Bush walking is a great way to get your nature fix and get some exercise at the same time. Sometimes my kids love coming along when I suggest going for a bush walk, but sometimes I have trouble getting them interested. I've compiled this list of activities we use to get our kids engaged on bush walks. I hope you find it helpful.
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Framing your Wall Charts - A Quick Guide

What frames are best to display wall art purchased from my shop. 

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Wall Stickers vs Fine Art Wall Prints - what is the best option for your walls?

A walk through the materials I use to print on and which is best for your home.
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