NEW 'poster quality': explained.

Room to Wonder educational posters are now available in 'standard poster quality'. This means we are phasing out 'fine art quality' prints for the educational collection (unless requested). Fine art quality will remain the standard for all custom illustrations.

I know there may be some confusion about what this actually means, so I have created this quick article to explain...

Fine art quality prints, or 'giclee' prints are a high standard ink jet print, intended to look as close to an original art piece as a print can. They involve very high quality paper (I used 100% cotton papers), colour correction and high quality pigment based inks. These prints are of a really high quality and will last forever, resistant to fading, or any colour change. They are intended to be treated gently, preferably framed. I loved being able to produce this quality of print. However, I had to admit that it probably wasn't strictly needed for educational posters for children. I knew teachers wanted to buy a range of the posters, and home schoolers wanted to decorate rooms with them, so I wanted to be able to offer a price point where this wouldn't be a burden. I did lots of research and decided to outsource printing of my posters, offering digital printing to bring prices down and produce a product that was a bit more robust - for classrooms and bedroom walls. These posters don't need to be framed, and parents or teachers don't need to be as concerned about the upkeep of them.

As well as this, I am introducing educator discounts, so stay tuned if this applies to you!

I hope this is welcome news for many of you. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Rebecca Holland
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