Framing your Wall Art

This blog post covers what frames are best to display wall art purchased from my shop. 

Framing is always in my mind when I create a new illustration. I aim to create a very easy and economical framing experience for customers, as I know this is something that concerns people when purchasing art online. 

Wall Art Frame sizes

All my wall art prints come in standard Australian 'A' sizes. Although not possible with all of the charts, most of the prints are designed to keep all the important details contained within IKEA frame sizes, to make framing worldwide easy and flexible. This means that although the image goes to the edge of the page, and can be easily framed in 'A' frame sizes, nothing important will be cut off by framing it in a slightly smaller frame (the IKEA frame sizes are always a bit smaller). 

Wall Art Framing diagram

With A4 and A3 sized prints, the IKEA / international frames are similar in size, but when it comes to the larger A2 prints, it is quite different, and for this reason, some of the A2 posters can't accommodate this flexible option. 

If you're in Australia or somewhere that uses the 'A' sizes, I recommend getting a true-to-size A2 frame if you purchase an A2 print. These are some that I have seen:

If you already have a frame in mind, or are wanting to be sure about sizing, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

I always recommend finding a frame after receiving the print, but I hope this quick guide will make pre-purchasing a frame easier.


Rebecca Holland
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