FAQ: What medium do I use to illustrate?

FAQ: What medium do I use to illustrate?

I thought I would start a section here on the blog to answer any questions people have about my work, and also to show a glimpse into my processes and tools.

The question I get asked the absolute most is what medium I use to complete my illustrations. It usually surprises people to hear that I work in digital mediums, and most people are unclear on what exactly this means, and why I choose to work this way. So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to include this in my website.

My tools that I can't live without for illustration are my Wacom tablet, and my computer. My software of choice is Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. With these tools, I can paint digitally using my hand, exactly as if I was using a brush. I use different paintbrushes and pens, a lot of them I have created or customised myself, and I use my tablet and pen to paint and create any textures you see in my work. Everything you see has been drawn by me, and all colours, washes and textures have been created by me.

Alma B computer

This process is actually quite laborious, but I like working on the computer - I like the detail I can get, and I like the lack of mess! With 2 young kids at home, it really helps that I can sit down and start 'painting' straight away, and just get up and leave straight away - no preparation and no clean up! And 'undo' is always a handy feature too!

I still love planning, brainstorming and journaling using paints and pens, but for all my finished artwork, it is completed digitally. 

I have a few more posts planned on my behind the scenes processes, so I'll be back soon with another one. If anyone has any questions, please be in touch, I'd be happy to answer any questions.

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