Family Portrait Illustration - Custom add-on to illustration


Add your children / family members into an illustration to create a unique, fun family portrait. 

This custom portrait option is based on choosing one of my existing illustrations, and customising it and adding people, to make a unique portrait illustration, a special keepsake for your family. 

Add your children into an educational chart to create something unique that they really connect with, or add your family into one of my illustrations to create a unique and fun keepsake for your walls.


You will see options to the right where you can select the essential elements of your illustration. This will give you your price. Photos will need to be sent through for me to go off, so after you have checked out, email photos and extra information to

Once everything has been received, I will confirm your order with you, and then begin work. The process will involve a few drafts, so I will be in touch every step of the way to ensure you end up with a product that you love.

A guide to the options at the side:


Select the number of people you would like to customise in your chosen illustration.
People will be illustrated to look like the people you choose. Let me know what clothing you would like, and faces will be illustrated (if shown). I'm happy to incorporate accessories or tattoos, any extra features you would like. 


If you want changes to the background, please select this option, and let me know what changes you would like. This can include changes to clouds, colours, trees, flowers etc.


If you would like your illustration sent to you as a fine art quality A3 print, please select this option. This print cost is offered at a great discount to go with the portrait option, so if you would like to take advantage of the high quality printing offered, this is a great opportunity to get a unique print that will last a lifetime. Shipping is included in the price (as it is with all my products) when this option is selected.

Remember, if you'd like something extra - a completely customised illustration, or something out of the ordinary that is not listed here, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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